Small Cardboard Boxes

Five Random Facts About Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes, whether small, large or custom-made are a handy necessity. Here are some less known facts which quietly contribute to their popularity: cardboard is just a popular name. Proper term here is corrugated fiberboard. It is clear why the long corrugated fiberboard boxes “keyword” is replaced with cardboard boxes original cardboard design revolved around […]

Paper Cup Holders

Paper cup holders are rather similar in their build to small and large cardboard boxes and boast some thermo insulation qualities.

Recycling Does Not Have to Be Boring

Read on to how looks and clear messaging can improve recycling efforts and results by getting more folks involved.

Antibacterial Cloth Bags

Wondering what would replace small cardboard boxes? So far we only know what is chipping on the market share of regular plastic grocery bags – the all new reusable cloth antibacterial bags.

Motor Oil in Cardboard Boxes?

Latest trends in oil and lube places – ship oil in small cardboard boxes with a plastic liner!

What are Antiviral Tissues?

Specific and use cases for antiviral tissues.

How Are Cardboard Boxes Made?

Details on how cardboard boxes are made. Some basics on their conveyor line from the huge roll of paper fed on one end to the stacked printed boxes which come out on the other side.

Cardboard Boxes In the IT Cloud?

Can paper mills and packaging supplies take advantage of the new cloud buzz tendency?

Small Boxes in the Shipping and Packaging Industry

How to smartly use small cardboard boxes for better shipments and parcels.

Flat and Tall Small Cardboard Boxes

Ethical vs financial considerations when choosing a virgin or recycled raw materials supplier for small cardboard boxes.

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