Small Cardboard Boxes

Paper Cup Holders

Paper cup holders are rather similar in their build to small and large cardboard boxes and boast some thermo insulation qualities.

Small Boxes in the Shipping and Packaging Industry

How to smartly use small cardboard boxes for better shipments and parcels.

Small cardboard box – online auction site is going green with an eco-box

eBay takes ecological shipping to the next step. It introduces a green small cardboard box – which is made from recycled materials and it fully recyclable.

The Magic of Flutes – How They Make Small Cardboard Boxes Strong

Overview of cardboard flutes and designation per types as they are used in small cardboard boxes.

Regulatory Bodies and Standards on Corrugated Fiberboard – part 2

Continuation of previous post on standards and regulatory bodies as they relate to small and large cardboard boxes and corrugated fiber in general.

Regulatory Bodies and Standards on Corrugated Fiberboard

This post is regarding the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Colored pizza boxes used as advertising space?

Unusual use of pizza boxes for advertising.

Small Cardboard Boxes

Small cardboard boxes – general overview and best-fit usage scenarios. How to make full utilization of existing stock of cardboard boxes and optimize space.

Small Boxes – Usage and Styles

Small boxes come in various shapes styles and with all different purposes. This post outlinea some of the most common types of small cardboard boxes as well as some recommendations and thoughts on making presents.