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Recycling Does Not Have to Be Boring


The easiest way to achieve reduce reuse recycle equilibrium is if we do not use anything at all. This would make it really easy on the environment and bring carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions to almost negligible levels. Small cardboard boxes would no longer need to be recycled since they would not be needed to begin with. Such a lethargic state of affairs would probably have a detrimental effect on he economic environment and lead to unimaginable consequences – once business stops, people would have to make some fundamental changes which might simply not be possible anymore in modern times.


Instead, we could focus on making the reduce and reuse processes a bit more fun and – they would come naturally after getting the buy-in of as many stakeholders are possible. Children and adolescents would often sink in behavioral patterns and act accordingly with parents and people whom they admire being the strongest sources of influence. Even the rowdiest bullies in class will recycle their root beer can since this is what they see at home, in class and on TV. This is actually one of the good aspects and positive impacts of modern culture on human recycling minds and attitudes.


Cardboard boxes are no exception. Once used, they have to be flattened and stored for subsequent reuse or properly placed in a recycling bin or the latest rage – a solar compactor. Investing in such alternative power driven appliances is certainly costly however the long-term effects of it can be far reaching and a lot more advantageous than simply writing checks to novelty engineering companies. The picture below shows rather common recycling station. What is less usual there is the fact that the recycling bins are all new shiny and clearly marked for easy identification. In a sense, they scream “recycle me” and make people take the extra effort in proper garbage disposal routines.


In the end, this is good for local waste management companies also. They will have to maybe maintain the pretty sight of the shiny polished recycling mini stations. In return, they will get a lot less mess and a neatly packed mass of properly organized bottles and cans or recycled cardboard shipping boxes. This can optimize trips, waste less time for cleanup and save fuel on idle time while the folks are organizing and restoring tidiness. What is more, it can develop the feeling that reduce, reuse and recycle is something we like to do, rather than something we must do.

good looking recycling station

Looks can help recycling to achieve better numbers

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