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Paper cup holders are made uniquely and entirely from corrugated fiberboard. While this is little surprise, it is the exceptional properties of cardboard which makes them so versatile and accounts for their good thermo insulation qualities. In other words, one could say that corrugated board, similar to polystyrene sheets, has low thermal conductivity. This does not make it a good insulation material rather popular among construction companies and electrical engineering businesses. While holding a cup full of hot liquid is not completely uneventful even with the paper cup holder protection, it is a lot better than without it. An interesting fact is that the more one squeezes the cup, the higher the chances of getting burned.

One way of looking and explaining the fact is that by pressuring the cup on the outside, fingers get closer to the heat source and naturally the feeling of touching hot surfaces enhances. There is another reason – by applying pressure to the lid, a person squashes the corrugated flutes inside the walls of the paper cup holder and ultimately gets closer to the scorching coffee in there. These flutes are the mini paperboard triangles which live inside cardboard walls. They provide cushion, suspension, barrier protection and insulation. Typically they are used to protect the contents of small and large shipping boxes while traveling and make sure they get to their destination safely. In this particular scenario, the corrugated wavy flutes actually protect the human hands and other surfaces from the calorific contents.

It is somewhat wasteful to use paper cup holders. It almost seems like they contribute to yet another piece of post consumer waste which has to be collected and makes the lives of waste management folks and curbside collection harder and more difficult. The upside to this is that all three samples used in this article writeup were made locally in Canada and not imported from overseas or countries with questionable environmental policies and routines. What is more, they did not all look boring and bland – some of them had quite some character and looks. Also, all three of them claimed to be made from one hundred percent recycled fibers. One claimed that the recycled fibers came from ninety percent post consumer waste and used nothing but water-based link. This last fact means that less chemical compounds would go in the recycling mix and produce cleaner recycled fibers with less need to bleach and improve printing qualities.

Small cardboard boxes

Wing style paper cup holder

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