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Bacteria Free Food Packaging in Cardboard Boxes

This post would be referred to as the gossip column of this blog on small and large cardboard boxes. Reportedly, Russian scientists in collaboration with their Middle Eastern colleagues have tested and isolated a type of paper which prevents bacteria from growing. The technology used is silver nanoparticles. Under laboratory conditions, paper coated with this slim layer of silver can preserve food longer without allowing bacteria to grow. This has serious impact on fighting preventable food poisoning against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus (or staph). These bacteria release enterotoxin in the lower human intestines and can cause major health issues. Having such a prevention method while in transit could potentially increase shelf life or preprocessing storage time of many products especially fresh items.

Having such silver nanoparticle coated paper verified via official quality assurance processes can lead to major food service and packaging industry improvements. This could be revolutionary in warmer climates where lime juice and curry powder are still the most popular disinfectants. Where applicable the microscopic nano coating could be applied to inside walls of specialty cardboard boxes which could be advertised as safer food storage. Having such a process certified would require a long test period to make sure that no food ingredients would bind with some of the bacteria-free paper and cause unforeseen circumstances. Applying a step by step proof of concept and getting the buy-in from various industries could be vitally important.

Silver has been known to manufacturers of plastics, vinyl kitchen and wet area panels, sinks, cabinets etc. It could also be combined with polystyrene or polystyrene sheets which are fungi resistant as well and tested and tried in the food service arena. The downside of such a product breakthrough is usually cost. While this technology calls for nano measurements as opposed to thick silver-coated plates attached to the boxes’ containerboard material, it would invariably carry a price implication factor. The economy objective of such custom or specialty packaging would only be commercially significant if cost can be curbed and made available to all packaging suppliers and manufacturers. Otherwise it would only remain in the cool emerging technology statistics.

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