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Five Random Facts About Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes, whether small, large or custom-made are a handy necessity. Here are some less known facts which quietly contribute to their popularity:

  • cardboard is just a popular name. Proper term here is corrugated fiberboard. It is clear why the long corrugated fiberboard boxes “keyword” is replaced with cardboard boxes
  • original cardboard design revolved around stacking pieces of paper together and gluing them until desired strength is reached. This engineering specification was flawed and required innovation – cardboard is now made by (typically) at least three pieces of paper – top, bottom and middle. The one in the middle looks like tiny triangles – they come from a press called the corrugator. The wavy triangles in the middle are called flutes
  • cardboard boxes inherit the qualities of their building blocks – corrugated fiberboard. As such, boxes differ by strength, weight capacity, edge crush test and puncture resistance
  • some cardboard boxes can add certain amount of extravagance – such as water or even fire resistance. This is accomplished by applying proper paints and solutions to the outside walls
  • almost 100% of the manufacturing process for cardboard boxes involves recycled material. What is more, the cut-offs from the cutting and folding presses are fed right back into the production line
  • cardboard boxes differ in color before painting based on the ratio of new to recycled fibers. Various paints and bleach can then be applied to them. Some of the “greener” paints are chemical free and use soy inks etc.


Here is one fact which I will leave for last and conclude – corrugated fiberboard is one hundred percent recyclable and bio degradable when dry. Water and oil do damage to its walls and affect its ability to regenerate itself (or biodegrade). What is more, both oil and water in the paper tend to spoil the quality of the recycled large and small cardboard boxes – so best keep them separate.

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