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In efforts to maintain sustainable development without disrupting the environment continually, retailers have turned to more reusable technology on how to get groceries home. Whether this is a marketing trick or healing guilt and remorse feelings from the thermoform and clamshell packaging – which can be super frustrating to open, yet really popular – we would probably never know. Some stores have implemented fees on plastic bags which can be annoying especially when customers have to only grab one or two smaller things which do need to go in a bag of sorts. The newer generation of cloth shopping bags seems to bridge this divide rather well. They are reusable, they do lead to reduction in packaging materials such as plastic and paper, and they match the recyclability criteria also. Some of them even carry a little tag saying that the material used came from recycled plastic bottles. This is a great implementation of the remanufacturing principle – some items cannot be recycled and transforming them into something usable may be the only option before the landfill.

Unlike the majority of small and large cardboard boxes or shipping containers, these cloth bags do not have to be dull and unattractive – they come in a riot of colors, matching seasons, moods even shopping outfits. Many customers feel mandated to own more than one to fit any occasion. What is more, the latest craze in the shopping bags development is adding antibacterial agents which help food stay fresher and fight food born diseases. Top of the line shopping tote baggies are also reliable enough to keep their antibacterial properties even exposed to high temperatures and after they get washed. The one pictured below even has internal compartments for placing bottles or sturdier items which typically rip right through the plastic bags and eliminate the need to double and triple bag heavier loads. One issue which is still to be addressed is carrying the gallon-size milk containers – they are plain awkward and simply uncomfortable. The price of these new carrying containers is under one dollar – well worth the investment when one comes to think about it.

While these bags will not completely replace all plastics and packaging paper bags used in stores, they help everyone – bottom lines of retailers will improve by a few pennies when they have to stock less bags. Consumers will not have to feel bad about the amounts of light bulky bags which seem to clog up the recycling stream and ultimately waste management folks would be happier during curbside collection times.

reusable bags made from recycled bottles

nice and bright colors on recycled bags

plenty of compartments on inside for bottles etc.

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